Monday, 14 January 2013

The Windy City.


This trip to Chicago, Illinois was definitely the best holiday of the year! I went with my darling and loving aunt for a week in October during half term and it was amazing.  It was my first cold holiday away and it was freezing!! Here are just a few pictures out of the 600 pictures I took. We decided to go here because we thought New York was too over-rated and so pricey a bit like London really.  If you love shopping and sightseeing I would seriously recommend. Everywhere we went people would recognise the British accent and say "Are you from London?" but I love it! I cannot write my whole Chicago experience because it would take all day but out of ten I would rate it 9/10 ! 

Willis Tower - second highest point in Chicago
Standing on a glass box.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Just a quick edit I did on Polyvore for the upcoming new years that is actually affordable (except the peplum leather top). It actually took me a day to complete because I thought it would be easy to put together an outfit but with so many choices to choose from it makes it so difficult. I have been eyeing up these boots for so long and to find out Topshop no longer do them is so upsetting :(. I was waiting and hoping they would go on sale during Christmas so now I really regret not getting them. Pleaseeee Topshop bring them back! <3 It's actually weird because I really dislike Topshop because I feel their clothing is so typical and everyone is going for that style these days. Also clothes are very repetitive for such a ridiculous price which you could probably find a replicate in Primark for a much more affordable price!

Earrings & Clutch - ASOS
Liptick - Mac
Acton Boots - Topshop (discontinued)
Jeans - Zara

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sally LaPointe S/S13

New York Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Sally is one amazing designer! Whilst browsing on tumblr a few months back I found the group picture of models in white clothing. I fell in love instantly just by the way the photo was taken/positioned and the simplicity of the outfits, with the pale skin tones and use of orange lipstick is so effortless yet effective!

This is my second post of photos of collections from fashion weeks but I just love looking for new inspiring designers that I have never seen before or who are completely new and just finding out the new designs and styles that have been created. Uh! just wow im really loving Sally's creation of the mustard outfit. It's brilliant because mustard and burnt orange are the two colours I have been loving during the autumn/winter season.

I think sometimes you get designers who visually they look good but in real life it's not very practical. However her designs are actually outfits I would wear myself and looks like elegant evening wear outfits that are really feminine and help to elongate your legs. She is definately a designer Im really admiring this month and actually can't wait to see her next collection. 

Preen - Thornton Bregazzi.

London Fashion Week 12 - Spring/Summer 2013 collection

I probably sound like a I'm writing for a magazine but I really love this collection as it is a favourite of mine from the entire show. I love the simplicity of the outfits as each is not so busy and can actually look quite edgy. I think the use of pattern-blocking is well executed without being overdone also by looking at their collection their clothes are very feminine as it consists of a lot of slits and different lengths of skirts which shows femininity. Whilst some of their designs have boxy blazers and them boy-ish cut jumpers which acts as a contrast because it gives the female figure a masculine definition.