Sunday, 9 December 2012


Just a quick edit I did on Polyvore for the upcoming new years that is actually affordable (except the peplum leather top). It actually took me a day to complete because I thought it would be easy to put together an outfit but with so many choices to choose from it makes it so difficult. I have been eyeing up these boots for so long and to find out Topshop no longer do them is so upsetting :(. I was waiting and hoping they would go on sale during Christmas so now I really regret not getting them. Pleaseeee Topshop bring them back! <3 It's actually weird because I really dislike Topshop because I feel their clothing is so typical and everyone is going for that style these days. Also clothes are very repetitive for such a ridiculous price which you could probably find a replicate in Primark for a much more affordable price!

Earrings & Clutch - ASOS
Liptick - Mac
Acton Boots - Topshop (discontinued)
Jeans - Zara

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